Good Health
Starts at Home

Retina Labs in-home preventive care and diagnostic services enable health plans to close more HEDIS® gaps in care, drive Star ratings and improve health outcomes.

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In-home preventive health screening

We Make Preventive Care Easy

Retina Labs in-home preventive care and diagnostic services provide invaluable benefits to health plan members by offering improved access and convenience to critical health screenings, such as diabetic eye exams, bone density scans, HbA1c, kidney function and colorectal cancer lab testing. We ensure that the most non-compliant segment of a health plan’s population, particularly its diabetic members, receive the appropriate preventive screenings in the comfort of their home.

In-home preventive health screening plays a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of health plans by promoting proactive health management and early intervention. By facilitating convenient access to vital health screenings, Retina Labs empowers members to take charge of their well-being in their journey towards better health. Our in-home preventive care model offers a proven approach for closing HEDIS gaps in care, improving Star ratings while lowering healthcare costs through better disease detection and care management.

A man in scrubs sits on a couch with a woman. Retina Labs® offers in-home preventive health screening for improved access and convenience.

In-Home Preventive Care
& Diagnostic Services

Advanced diagnostic capabilities enable a better understanding of your members’ health status:

Diabetic Retinopathy
Retinal eye exam using fundus imaging.
Ultrasound bone sonometer scan.
Blood pressure reading
Colorectal Cancer
Fecal immunochemical test lab (FIT).
Diabetes Management
Hemoglobin A1c lab test.
Kidney Health
Estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) andurine albumin-creatinine ratio (uACR) lab tests.
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A Comprehensive Approach to
HEDIS Gap Closure

Retina Labs in-home/mobile preventive screening services improves member access to preventive care and enables health plans to close compliance gaps quickly and cost-effectively.

Member Outreach & Scheduling

Our in-house call center provides targeted member outreach services to schedule home visits with your members. Our unparalleled member engagement rates ensure a high number of closed gaps for your plan.

Highly Skilled Workforce

In-home screenings are carried out by our highly trained and skilled workforce of imaging technologists equipped with state-of-the-art portable imaging technology.

Retinal Image Analysis

We provide comprehensive retinal image analysis and interpretation delivered by our national network of board-certified ophthalmologists.

Accredited Lab Facility

We use high quality direct-to-patient lab tests analyzed by CAP accredited and CLIA accredited laboratories ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Results Communication

Easy to understand test results are sent to members and their PCP promptly with oversight and coordination for urgent cases and referrals.

Dashboard Reporting

Health plans can view member test results and monitor real-time program performance insights through our proprietary ComplyHub reporting platform.

Key Benefits

Close multiple gaps in care in a single home visit
Increase HEDIS quality scores and Star ratings
Higher quality bonus payments
Year-round enrollment for 5-Star plans
Reduce risk of patient chronic disease progression
Improve member satisfaction and loyalty

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of preventable blindness in adults 20-64 years of age. Diabetic retinopathy is asymptomatic until it is at an advanced stage when it’s sometimes too late for effective treatment. Early detection of diabetic eye disease and prompt treatment can reduce vision loss in up to 95% of cases.

In-home preventive health screening plays a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of health plans by promoting proactive health management and early intervention. By facilitating convenient access to vital health screenings, Retina Labs empowers members to take charge of their well-being in their journey towards better health. Our in-home preventive care model offers a proven approach for closing HEDIS® gaps in care, improving Star ratings while lowering healthcare costs through better disease detection and care management.

A professional checking eye of elderly woman.
A RetinaLabs® Health Care Professional Checking for Bone Mineral Density.

Bone Density Scans

Retina Labs helps plans close Osteoporosis Management in Women (OMW) gaps in care by bringing bone density screening to health plan members in the comfort of their home.

Using the latest in portable ultrasound bone densitometer technology, we screen women over 65 at risk for osteoporosis or fractures—accurately, quickly and with maximum member convenience. The bone density ultrasound is a quick, non-invasive, radiation-free test and is well suited for high BMI members. A graphical T-Score report is generated within minutes.

Ultrasound-based screening offers an effective alternative to the traditional DEXA-based scans where use of DEXA for diagnosis or monitoring is not possible due to cost or geographic limitations of available systems and in cases where x-ray exposure should be avoided.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

In addition to other in-home screening tests, Retina Labs offers blood pressure monitoring to close the Controlling Blood Pressure HEDIS gap. During the home visit, our technologist can perform a blood pressure test and document the results.

Retina Labs also provides continuous blood pressure monitoring powered by advanced remote patient monitoring technology. Blood pressure readings are synchronized in near real-time to a remote monitoring platform and offer an easy, accurate and reliable way to measure a member’s systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Offering the convenience of built-in cellular transmission capability, the remote blood pressure monitoring system is shipped directly to your members and ready to work out of the box — no setup required, and no WIFI or Bluetooth pairing necessary.

An elderly person checking their blood pressure.
ReintaLab® professional taking blood sample with RetinaLabs®'s at-home lab testing kit.

At-Home Lab Testing

In addition to diabetic eye exams and bone density scans, Retina Labs offers an array of direct-to-patient HbA1c, KED, FIT lab tests to close more gaps in care and increase ROI. By empowering and coaching members to self-complete our easy-to-use test kits, we help facilitate the prevention, early detection, and management of chronic diseases. Within a few business days, actionable data is reported back to the member, their care provider, and health plan. This ensures your members get the lab tests they need, when and where they need them.

For more information on our direct-to-patient, visit our Lab Test Kit Program page.

Lab Test Kit Program

Real-time Insights & Reporting

ComplyHub is Retina Labs proprietary technology platform for in-home operations. This system enables Retina Labs to execute in-home preventive screening with high efficiency and at scale. The ComplyHub client portal offers health plans complete visibility into program performance from dashboard level insights to individual member test results.

A laptop with a dashboard on top of a rock - RetinaLabs®'s image for real-time insights and reporting.
Real-time Insights & Reporting

ComplyHub is Retina Labs proprietary technology platform for managing HEDIS gap closure and the cornerstone for our in-home preventive care service. ComplyHub offers an end-to-end solution that encompasses Electronic Health Records (EHR), scheduling and logistics optimization, field workforce management, care plan administration, electronic visit verification, client dashboards and reporting.

Scheduling optimization

Algorithm-based technology simplifies and streamlines home visit scheduling and ensures that our field workforce appointments and routes are organized in the most logistically efficient manner. This results in more home visits, less wasted travel time and better care for your members.

Field workforce management

The ComplyHub mobile app provides our field workforce with real-time access to their schedules, driving route, patient data, care plan instructions and test administration ensuring that every encounter is carried out accurately and fully documented.

Electronic visit verification

ComplyHub’s Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) capabilities accurately tracks in-home visits. Field technologists check in only once they’ve arrived at the member’s home and check out upon completion of the visit. ComplyHub EVV keeps track of the services performed, the member receiving the service, the date and location of the of the service, the individual providing the service and the start and end times of the visit.

Client portal

The ComplyHub client portal offers health plans real-time insights into their HEDIS gap closure program. This includes dashboards on key program metrics, outreach progress, aggregate test results by test type with interactive filtering capabilities. Health plans can also view individual member test results, perform queries and export data.

Provider verification

Many health plans lack accurate and up to date information on their members’ provider of record. As part of our visit protocol checklist, the member’s primary care provider can be verified or changed ensuring that the results are delivered to the right provider for timely follow up and referral when needed.

Patient portal

The ComplyHub patient portal allows members to access their test results on-line within hours of their home visit. Members can also communicate with us in real time if they have any questions about their results.

A Member-Centric Approach

Member Outreach & Engagement

Member outreach and engagement play a vital role in the delivery of our preventive care services to your members.

Our in-house team of call center agents specialize in healthcare outreach, so we know how to speak effectively with members. Our proven outreach approach and strategies ensure high engagement rates resulting in more completed encounters and closed gaps in care—all visible in real time through the ComplyHub client portal. From notification letters to appointment scheduling and from reminder calls and critical value follow-ups, our outreach services ensure that your members receive the necessary preventive care they need to stay healthy.

Picture of member outreaching and engaging with RetinaLabs® customer.

Health Fair Events

Health fair events are another great way for health plans to improve member access to important health screenings.

By participating in health fairs, members can gain insights into managing chronic conditions, adopting healthier lifestyles, and understanding their healthcare options. Retina Labs partners with your health plan to organize health fair events that foster community engagement while empowering members to take proactive measures towards their health.

A RetinaLab® professional checking eye of a customer.

An Experience Your
Members Will Love

Health plans strive for better member engagement and better member experiences.

At Retina Labs, member experience is paramount and continuously measured after each encounter. Our validated member experience survey tool measures all facets of the in-home experience. Retina Labs survey scores are a testament to the exceptional member experience we deliver. What’s more, member feedback shared directly with your plan to ensure that we're fully accountable for performance.


Hear What Members Have to Say

Member Satisfaction Score
Net Promoter Score®
Catherine A.
Heath Plan Member

I want to thank you all, especially the lady who came and did my eye exam. I have a severely disabled, terminal child at home and it’s difficult for me to get out for appointments. Thank you all so very much!

William R.
Heath Plan Member

The technologist was friendly, professional and she new her stuff. It was a good experience she was clean dressed professionally most of all she was respectful with a good attitude. Thank you!

Lauretta C.
Heath Plan Member

The technologist was awesome... She explained the process from the beginning to the end. Very professional. Would love to have her again. Excellent spirit and a wonderful person. Would definitely recommend her again.

Casandra Z.
Heath Plan Member

I love that I did not have to leave my home for this service. This made the screening super convenient. As a single mom, life can be a struggle, so thank you making this hassle free! Tiffany was super professional, personable and friendly! It felt like a visit from an old friend. Thank you Retina Labs!

Mayen E.
Heath Plan Member

I feel really satisfied with Retina labs because you care about the convenience of the patient, comfort, and time factor. And also, the staff is well experienced providing services and friendly.

Kimberly H.
Heath Plan Member

I rated 10 for each question because the experience was that good. I was contacted on Thursday and the exam was on Monday. The technologist arrived early after calling me to see if that would be okay. She was very professional and friendly which made me very comfortable. I will recommend Retina Labs. Thank you Retina Labs!

Daphne D.
Heath Plan Member

The technologist that came out was very friendly, told me in detail what she would be doing. She also made sure that I understood and didn’t have any questions. She was great!

Alice M.
Heath Plan Member

I've never had an appointment for someone to come into my home so this was different for me, but I really liked it. I would recommend for my family and friends to get eye exams this way in the future. Thank you!

Tola G.
Heath Plan Member

Preferred the in-home exam over office visits. I'm a disabled senior with pain issues that makes driving very difficult going anywhere and the home visit was much more convenient and less painful than office visits. This type of visit will help with making my healthcare visits from being canceled and easier to keep up with. I hope this service will continue being offered.

Debra L.
Heath Plan Member

I can’t think of anything to help improve it. I got a reminder call. Tiffany was right on time. She took her time let you ask questions without interrupting you like most people do. She was very nice, respectful & professional. Couldn’t ask for better experience or person to perform test. Everyone should be as nice as her. Thank you for coming to my house for this test

Veronica F.
Heath Plan Member

The technologist that came to my home was on point. She was very knowledgeable, sweet, kind yet very polite and professional. She did her job in a reasonable amount of time and was out. I was very impressed and pleased with her.

Sherry L.
Heath Plan Member

I felt that the technician was very courteous answered all of my questions. I was very satisfied with everything that he did it was a nice experience thank you so much