We save vision in people living with diabetes

Our in-home and point-of-care programs help health plans, primary care practices and health systems improve access to diabetic eye exams and preventive care screenings.

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OUR Mission

Improving Health Outcomes for People Living With Diabetes

We’re on a mission to eliminate preventable blindness caused by diabetic eye disease.

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of preventable blindness. Retina Labs screening programs provide a clinically proven approach to prevent blindness, address diabetes care gaps, improve outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs. This allows health plans and providers to take control of their HEDIS quality measures, improve STAR ratings and drive patient satisfaction.

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Diabetic eye disease and preventive health screening from point-of-care to in-home... Retina Labs has you covered.


Point-of-Care Diabetic Eye Exam Screening

Retina Labs partners with primary care providers, ACOs and health systems to make diabetic eye exams a routine aspect of care. Our teleretinal screening solution makes it easy for healthcare providers to screen for diabetic retinopathy and other ocular disorders. From state-of-the-art retinal camera, cloud-based teleophthalmology, retinal image assessment and interpretation, our point-of-care solution offers everything your practice needs to close diabetic eye exam gaps and prevent unnecessary blindness.

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A woman receiving an eye exam from a doctor at RetinaLabs®, a professional eye care facility.

In-home Diabetic Eye Exams & Preventive Health Screening

Centered around our extensive diabetic retinopathy screening expertise, Retina Labs offers a suite of in-home preventive screenings for health plan members. We ensure that your diabetic members, particularly the most non-compliant segment of your population, receive the appropriate preventive screenings in the comfort of their home. What’s more, we offer other critical health screenings such as HbA1c, kidney health (KED) and colon cancer lab testing as well as bone density scans for osteoporosis risk assessment and solutions for controlling blood pressure.

At-Home Lab Testing

At-Home Lab Testing

Retina Labs offers a suite of at-home, direct to patient lab tests to ensure that health plan members get the timely screenings they need to stay healthy. At-home testing is quick, convenient, more efficient and less costly than in-person lab visits. Our array of tests include HbA1c, kidney health (KED) and colon cancer. Our test kit programs are custom branded for health plans and include fulfillment, reminders, member support, test result communications and critical value outreach.

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Where Clinical Strength Meets Technology

Clinical Validation

Retina Labs teleophthalmolgy technology and workflows have been clinically validated through 15 plus years of peer review by leading retina specialists. 
We only use board certified ophthalmologists with experience in retinal disease to review and interpret images to ensure accurate diagnosis.

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Clinical Validation:
Over 15 years of clinical validation by leading retina specialists.

Powerful Technology

We have built industry leading teleophthalmolgy technology specifically designed to support the clinical workflows associated with diabetic eye disease. What’s more, our ComplyHub platform enables us to deliver in-home diabetic eye exams and preventive health screening with unparalleled efficiency.

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Powerful Technology:
Cloud-based teleophthalmology and technology-enabled in-home preventive care.

Industry Leadership

For over 15 years, Retina Labs has been a pioneer and innovator in the chronic eye disease screening and detection. Retinal Labs is recognized by the World Health Organization as a global leader in ocular telehealth.

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Industry Leadership:
Recognized innovator and disruptor in ocular telehealth and home-based preventive care.

Patient Experience

At Retina Labs, the patient experience is of paramount importance. Our exceptional patient satisfaction scores are a testament to the exceptional experience we deliver.

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Member Experience:
98% satisfaction score and Net Promoter Score® of 95.

Diabetic Retinopathy is the Leading Cause of Preventable Blindness

Healthcare providers improve diabetes care by integrating retinopathy screening, offering patients quick, non-invasive exams with same-day results.

Over 60%

of patients with diabetes will develop signs of diabetic retinopathy during their lifetime.

Less than 50%

of documented screening compliance rates in the United States.

In up to 95%

of cases, early detection and timely treatment significantly reduce vision loss.

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