Preventive Health,

Boost Star ratings, improve compliance and delight members with at-home diagnostic testing.

Close Gaps in Care by Leveraging At-Home Diagnostic Testing

In-home preventive health screening plays a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of health plans by promoting proactive health management and early intervention. By facilitating convenient access to vital health screenings, Retina Labs empowers members to take charge of their well-being in their journey towards better health. Our in-home preventive care model offers a proven approach for closing HEDIS gaps in care, improving Star ratings while lowering healthcare costs through better disease detection and care management.

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At-home Lab Testing

Diagnostic Tests Available

Retina Labs high-quality at-home self-collection tests deliver reliable, accurate results and can be fully branded for your health plan. Our at-home self-collection kits include easy-to-follow instructions and how-to videos, clinical support to help members complete the testing process and send their sample to the lab for processing. Samples are resulted by CLIA/CAP-accredited labs. Test results are reviewed and approved by board-certified physicians and lab reports are communicated to members and their primary care provider within 48 hours or less.

Hemoglobin A1c

Helps members measure their average blood sugar (glucose) to better understand their body’s glycemic control.

Kidney Health in Patients Living With Diabetes (KED)

Helps members measure their average blood sugar (glucose) to better understand their body’s glycemic control.

Colorectal Cancer

Helps members identify blood in the stool early with a non-invasive Fecal immunochemical (FIT) test.

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A Seamless Member Experience

Our customizable test kit programs address the pain-points of your members and are designed to drive high levels of engagement and test kit completion:

Member opt-in management
Simple to follow instructions and videos
Multi-channel engagement
Seamless sample collection
Quick resulting turn-around
On-line test results
Easy to understand lab reports

End-to-End Program Management

Retina Labs comprehensive program management approach ensures that at-home test kit programs achieve robust member engagement, maximum compliance and closed care gaps that align with your HEDIS goals. What’s more, we’ve built the technology infrastructure and workflows to manage this process from end to end.

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Program Design
Member Engagement
Test Kit Delivery
Sample Collection & Processing
Result Communication
Critical Value Outreach
Real-time Program Insights & Reporting