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Partnering with Primary Care Providers and health systems to close care gaps for diabetic eye disease.

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Improving Health Outcomes for People Living With Diabetes

Diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of preventable blindness.

Over 60%
of patients with diabetes will develop signs of diabetic retinopathy during their lifetime.
Lower than 50%
are the documented screening compliance rates in the United States.

PCPs can play a much larger and more important role in improving access to retinal screenings by offering this service within their own practices. Since diabetic retinopathy can go unnoticed for many years, a PCP’s role in spotting the early signs of the disease before it affects a patient’s vision is essential.

Additionally, retinal examinations can surface other ocular diseases as well as systemic health issues. By integrating a diabetic retinopathy screening service into their practice, PCPs can provide this essential component of routine diabetic care. Patients with diabetes can receive a quick, convenient and non-invasive retinal exam at their next doctor’s visit and have their results on the same day.

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Teleretinal Diabetic Retinopathy Screening: A Proven and Cost-Effective Approach

Teleretinal screening is a proven and effective means to:

Improve Diabetes Care
Increase Quality Scores
Prevent Blindness
Drive Reimbursement

Annual retinal exams are included in the NCQA HEDIS®ratings program, the Medicare Advantage Star quality rating program and Medicare quality rating programs.

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By offering diabetic patients an on-the-spot retinal exam as part of their routine visit, PCPs can potentially qualify for financial incentives under these programs.

Patients no longer need to have their eyes dilated or make separate appointments with eye care specialists. With these services available in PCP offices, patients have a more convenient way to get their annual retinal exam performed. Our teleretinal screening solution makes it easy for health systems and providers to implement large-scale, highly accessible screening programs in a more cost-effective manner than traditional face-to-face encounters.

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A Turn-key Solution

Any practice can perform diabetic eye exams. Retina Labs offers PCPs a turn-key solution that includes an easy to operate retinal camera, training for your staff and diagnostic reports interpreted by board-certified ophthalmologists. We can integrate with your EMR system to ensure a seamless workflow.


Greater focus on preventive medicine and early disease detection
Compliance with quality standards
Unlock HEDIS®
Minimal impact on patient flow
Why choose us

Reasons Why Primary Care Providers & Health Systems Partner With Us

Retina Labs teleretinal screening solution allows primary care providers to add retinal eye exam testing easily and quickly to its suite of healthcare services.

Teleophthalmology Innovation

For over a decade, Retina Labs has been a pioneer and innovator in telemedicine-based ocular care. We have been recognized by the World Health Organization as a leader in telehealth innovation.

Pay-As-You-Go Business Model

No recurring subscription fees or long-term contracts. Only pay for the exams you perform. Providers can increase DRE compliance by 90% in just one year with a positive return on investment.

Affordable, Easy-to-Use Retinal Cameras

We offer a choice of easy-to-use tabletop or handheld retinal cameras that consistently capture high-quality images. We’ll help you select the right camera for your practice.

Clinical Diagnostic Services

We offer diagnostic reading and clinical interpretation services delivered by our national network of board-certified ophthalmologists licensed in all 50 states.

Patient Awareness Materials

We provide your practice with communication materials to drive patient education and awareness of diabetic retinopathy and the importance of regular screenings to prevent vision loss or blindness.

Training & Support

We make sure you staff is fully training on our teleophthalmolgy platform, camera operation and clinical guidelines. We also provide unlimited technical support to ensure the success of your diabetic retinopathy screening program.